Does A Robot Mop Worth It? 

It is not an easy job to keep your house clean every day. If you’re a full-time mom or dad who is only responsible for taking care of the household chores daily, you should be bored with cleaning. Besides, if you look at the dirty floors in your house after a busy day at work, you will get exhausted and still have to go and clean it yourself. Of course, if you have a robot mop, these worries will no longer exist. Check this article and see if a robot mop will save you from a messy house.  

5 Reasons to Have a Robot Mop

I do believe that having a robot mop will save our time tremendously for cleaning. Moreover, there have been ongoing essential upgrades in robot mops that make them more useful. In this part, we will discuss 4 reasons to keep a robot mop at home.

  1. Scheduled Cleaning

One of the benefits of using a robot mop is the automatic cleaning process which will free your hands. In addition, some robot mops can be arranged according to the user’s mopping schedule. For example, you can fix a daily mopping for the living room and set a weekly cleaning for your bedroom.  

  1. Pet Owner Oriented

For people who have pets, dealing with their shedding hair is the most tiresome. Of course, if you own a robot mop, all those hairs will be cleaned up. In addition, your robot mop can flexibly switch between wet cleaning and dry cleaning modes, by which all kinds of dirt brought by your hairy friend will be eliminated. At the same time, your robot mop can detect the pet feeding area and will avoid passing by.

  1. Smart Mapping

This amazing function allows your robot mop to clean the specific area you want. With the help of advanced sensors, your robot mop knows where you want to clean, and it will avoid hitting the wall or your tables. Additionally, you can clean the area under your table or bed after setting it up properly. Moreover, even if you decide to set up a cleaning route on your own, it is achievable by adding robot mop virtual walls or barriers to fix the no-go zone. 

  1. Remote Monitoring and Controlling

With the help of cameras, some robot mops will show you the cleaning process with clear video recording. This astounding function helps you understand what and where you have cleaned. Meanwhile, some robot mops support apps or voice control, and you can modify the cleaning modes or paths by simply clicking on your smartphone. 

  1. Less Noisy

Unlike a normal vacuum, your robot mop won’t bother you with 60dB noises. Even if it is quiet enough, you can also choose the silent mode if you don’t want any sounds from your robot mop. However, this may affect the vacuum-sucking performance.


In conclusion, you can arrange a schedule to clean your house with a robot mop and keep your hands free. For pet keepers, the robot mop will remove dirt and hair brought by your pets. Furthermore, you can decide the cleaning route for your robot mop by its smart mapping function, and the cleaning process can be remotely managed. Finally, you won’t be bothered by noise after using a robot mop as it works much quieter than a vacuum.