What are alternative matches in bookmaker offices?

Some bookmaker offices offer their clients rather unusual types of bets, which may seem problematic for novice bettors and raise many questions. Here we can highlight alternative matches. At first glance, they may appear as friendly competitions. However, in reality, they have a completely different nature. Upon closer examination of this concept, one can derive significant benefits from such bets.

What does the term “alternative match” mean?

An alternative match is a formal encounter of football teams that takes place purely “on paper.” In reality, no one meets on the field. It’s a kind of entertainment for the bookmaker. Typically, such events have a limited depth of coverage, but even in such cases, a bettor can make a profitable bet. These alternative matches provide a unique opportunity for bettors to explore different avenues in online sports betting.

There are several possible outcomes in alternative matches:

  • Win by one of the teams – the bettor needs to choose the favorite of the confrontation, and the result is evaluated based on the number of goals scored in each individual match;
  • Double result – a situation similar to the first example, but in this case, the player can count on a draw;
  • Both teams to score – each of the opposing teams must achieve certain results;
  • Total bet – the bettor can choose both individual and overall totals;
  • Handicap – the results are summed up from individual matches, after which an average statistical indicator is calculated;
  • Victory within a timeframe – the player selects a specific time interval and bets on the victory of one of the clubs within it;
  • Exact score – a classic bet containing many risky options.

At first, the above system may seem too complicated, but then the bettor gradually masters it.

Pros and cons of alternative matches

Sometimes it is quite challenging to predict an alternative match correctly. To do this, it is necessary to take into account various nuances. It should be remembered that the participants of an alternative match have no connection with real life. For example, one team may make every effort to improve its tournament position, while the other may not be interested in the outcome of the match at all.

The advantages of alternative sports events include:

  • Original type of bet – the player can experience new emotions and gain experience, tired of bets with monotonous rules;
  • Easy search for profitable bets – in some cases, the bookmaker simply does not have time to calculate the odds correctly;
  • Higher odds compared to real matches – this aspect plays a crucial role in terms of attractiveness of such bets.

The profit from betting on alternative matches may not be so noticeable. However, if you compare the odds for different statistical indicators in real and alternative matches, the advantages of virtual events become evident.